About Us

  • The Private Side Mouth & Teeth Health Center founded in 2012.
  • Our polyclinic has aimed to do with its qualified staff and experienced tooth health doctors, in high quality hygienic conditions.
  • The Private Side Mouth & Teeth Health Center is able to help both native and guests from outside of Turkey with its modern perspective and technological infrastruct
  • We became a necessity in Manavgat in our inaugural year.
  • It’s an honor to serve our clients in a digitally-surrounded polyclinic.
dentist side office turkey

dentist side office turkey

That’s why we needed to make a website to announce our service to our clients. You can stick with the news around our branch on our internet site. With all these, you can apply online- engagement system in Tweeter or reach us for your wants.  We’ll evaluate your wishes at digital platform and use the data for our knowledge.

  • Our Mission

    • Our missionary work is not exclusively the medical treatment but also to keep you healthy for a long time.
    • With all periodical checkups, you can all so call us whenever you need urgent operations.
    • Keeping you healthy is more important than healing yourselves.Our medical treatments are, loss of purpose related to lack of tooth, tooth lesions, gum lesions, infections, diseases and other mouth & teeth problems.
  • Our Vision

  • The sight of The Private Side Mouth & Teeth Health Center is to conduct our private servers all around the Europe.


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  • Hello. I am based in the UK and wish to have treatment for my teeth. I am currently missing 2 teeth from birth and have gaps. Is this something you can help with?

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