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At Aesthetic Dentistry we know how important a great smile is to looking and feeling great about yourself. Our entire team focus is on providing you the highest quality of individualized professional Dental care. Our primary objective is your well being. We will work together and offer you choices to help you achieve a beautiful […]

Replace Badly Fitting Dentures

Replace both upper and lower badly fitting dentures with new for the price of one set in the UK. As we age our mouth changes, gums shrink and bone recedes. Existing dentures may need changing if: • Eating is difficult and food collects under loose dentures and can cause ulcers on the gum and palette. […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

Operation Duration: 1 – 2 hours depending on procedure Anaesthetic: Local (Normally) Number of Treatments: Variable Results:Long lasting One’s smile is one of the most important part of a person’s image. The teeth are the most important part of a person’s smile. Many people are not happy with the image their teeth give especially with […]

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Most of us at some point in our lives have a cavity created by decay. Decay is a disease that fastly destroys the enamel of the tooth and then goes inwards to the next layer dentim and then to the pulp chamber. This is when we all suffer unbearable pain. A cavity calls for the […]

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Dental Crowns / Caps

Dental crowns are used to protect damaged, cracked and broken teeth when the remaining tooth structure is adequate. The crown covers the entire visible surface of that tooth in order to add strength, durability and tooth stability. Reasons for having dental crowns may include: 1. If your tooth has undergone significant decay and there is […]

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

Poor Promotion Loses Turkey Billions in Dental Tourism

Turkey is missing out on a lucrative dental care tourism business with billions of dollars of profit-making potential due to poor promotion, the result of a few necessary legal amendments that have been shelved for years, market representatives argue with us. With its increased popularity for quality health services at relatively lower prices Turkey has […]

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BRIDGES (Usually require 3-5 days) Teeth can fall out due to many reasons, trauma, accidents, disease and decay. Dental bridges are false teeth used to fill the gaps used to improve the look and the function of the teeth. Dental bridges also help prevent the problems created by a gap where a tooth used to […]

Why Choose Us

Guarantee: Our partner clinics are really keen on absolute satisfaction Insurance: Our Clinic insures patients from the UK aged 18 to 65 travelling to Turkey for cosmetic, dental surgery through Sure Insurance towards the consultation fees and medicine if they require treatment for postoperative complications that might arise between discharge and bring back home.The policy […]

World Aesthetic Dentistry Congress

Boasting a star studded speaker line-up and a mixture of hands-on workshops, WAC promises to have plenty in stock. The UK’s largest aesthetic congress for dental professionals will return to London, taking over Twickenham Stadium for an action-packed lecture and hands-on symposium. The UK’s largest congress for dental professionals is returning to London, taking over […]

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