Pediatric Dentistry

It is a dentistry branch that makes all kinds of treatments and preventive applications against the oral and dental problems of the babies and children. The most important subject in pedodontia is familiarizing the children with the examinations of the dentists and supplying good dialogs with the dentists in the future.
Pedodontia works on the basis to cure the existing problems and preventing the possible problems which may occur in the future.
To cure the existing problems, is a routine dentistry service. It includes services like:
• Dental Caries
• Snags
• Dental traumas
• Tooth extraction
• Cleaning.
Preventing the possible problems is enclosing the preventive and treating medicine. The preventive treatment part is rather directed to prevent the problems which may cause to lose the teeth.
• Oral hygiene education
• Superficial flour application
• Fissure covering treatment
• Place holding applications are also the treatments which will be applied to prevent the possible problems.

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