Replace Badly Fitting Dentures

cosmetic dentistry in turkey (3)Replace both upper and lower badly fitting dentures with new for the price of one set in the UK. As we age our mouth changes, gums shrink and bone recedes. Existing dentures may need changing if:
• Eating is difficult and food collects under loose dentures and can cause ulcers on the gum and palette.
• There is a clicking noise as the dentures click together
• The teeth have become worn down, discoloured and unattractive.
• Speaking and eating involves the dentures falling out of place.

New dentures will be designed and made taking the following into consideration:

cosmetic dentistry in turkey.• The shape and contours of your face and mouth and decide how to improve your appearance
• The shade, shape, colour and size of the new teeth that are now suitable to your face, mouth and age.
• The dental ridges will be examined to see if they are suitable to support dentures.
• Your bite will be realigned to enable and ease eating and chewing restoring the relationship between jaw and face.
• The denture will be redesigned to support the lips and cheeks to prevent sunken cheeks and creasing at the corners.
• Measurements will be made to check any lengthening or shortening of the chew teeth that may be necessary.

New dentures have the effects of making us look as good as possible which improves our self
esteem and confidence. They enable us to:

cosmetic dentistry in turkey. (2)• Eat comfortably and well
• Improve our appearance in preventing lines and wrinkles forming around the moutl and the r^mm cheeks from falling in.
• Enable you to speak normally
• Maintain the correct alignment between upper and lower jaws and prevent jaw join problems.

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