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cosmetic dentistry turkey prices

Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey Prices


Our partner clinics are really keen on absolute satisfaction


Our Clinic insures patients from the UK aged 18 to 65 travelling to Turkey for cosmetic, dental surgery through Sure Insurance towards the consultation fees and medicine if they require treatment for postoperative complications that might arise between discharge and bring back home.The policy would contribute towards accommodation, flights and a daily allowance, if the convalescence period is longer than anticipated.Optional benefits include contributions toward a return trip within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery in an unlikely case.

Serenity of Mind:

Our Clinic provides peace of brain.Your personal assistant will accompany you during your appointments and may give notice on local culinary art, sightseeing, shopping venues etc.

Top Medical Staff:

We just go with the ones with points from top medical schools, who are specialists in their areas, experienced in treating international patients, and realized by international professional associations.We investigate their reputation and records, as well.

Certified Clinics:

Our Clinic conducts very strict compliance checks on its partner private health maintenance suppliers.We make sure they are lawful, approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, hold quality and hygiene certificates from international bodies.We have legal contracts with these health maintenance providers that are enforceable under the Turkish Law, therefore we make sure your discussion will be guided in the proper medical and legal fabric.We provide healthcare providers with eminent quality and hygiene standards using state of the art engineering.

Best Prices:

Our Clinic continually negotiates prices with hundreds of private health care providers for thousands of patients and discovers the best possible price for your treatment.As we refer many patients to these private healthcare providers, we use our buying power and reflect the savings onto you.We provide up to 75% savings on UK treatment prices.Our price policy was confirmed by Turkish Dental Association.

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